Short Story: By Her Side

Dawn laid in her bed, she felt weak that morning; she was nervous. Her Doctor had called prior with results from a test.

Mali lay his head on her arm, he had been waiting patiently as Dawn took her time to get up. A German Shepherd who was wiser than most humans. He was a gift to Dawn from her parents when she had moved out on her own six years before; he was her best friend, always by her side.

Dawn slowly sat up and threw her legs over the side of the bed. Mali licked his chops and wagged his tail. He got up and left the room, returning within minutes with his leash in mouth. He wanted his morning walk, he wanted his time with Dawn.

“Give me a minute pal.” She said as she walked by him, patted his head and went into the washroom. She stared at her reflection in the mirror; so gaunt and sickly, you wouldn’t tell she was only 29. She washed her face and went back into her bedroom to get dressed. The room spun as she bent down to put her pants on. She grabbed onto Mali, trying to keep her balance before hitting the floor. Mali paced around her as she slowly got back up.

“Well that was weird.” She said as she composed herself and went into the kitchen to eat a little something before heading out for that walk.

As she reached up to grab a plate from the cupboard, her vision became blurry; Dawn fell, the coffee cup smashing into smithereens as it hit the floor with her. Mali began whimpering and pacing around Dawns motionless body. She had fallen before but this time felt different, she wasn’t getting up. Mali tried to wake her by licking her face, she hated that but not this time.

Mali raced to the front door, he was much smarter than anyone knew. He always watched how Dawn did things; he braces himself, hopped up bracing himself against the wall, one paw on the door latch. He pushed down and tugged slightly with his body. Hearing a click, he pushed the door open with his snout and booted down the street.

He ran as fast as his legs could carry him; he remembered the purple house, the one where Dawn always stopped during their walks. He remember the purple house and the lady with the homemade treats. Mali began barking as loud as he could, he knew someone would hear him, they always did.

A woman with red hair came out of the purple house, “It’s Mali!” She called. A man rushed out of the house and the woman knelt down to Mali. “Where’s Dawn pal?” She said as she rubbed his ears. Mali was very distressed, shaking her hands off him and circling her for attention. “Somethings not right!” She said as Mali continued barked and began running back toward he and Dawns house. The woman and the man jumped into their car and followed behind Mali. They knew Dawn had been sick, they knew her well and they knew her dog.


Dawn opened her eyes slowly, the halogen lights hurt her eyes. Where am I? She thought as she began to regain her sight.

“Welcome back!” Said a deep toned voice. Dawn looked to her right and there stood a man in a white jacket, he had a stethoscope around his neck.

“You suffered a blackout due to severe dehydration, have you been working a lot Miss?” He asked.

“Yes. Yes I think I have.” She replied.

Dawn looked around, wondering how she got here. “Where’s my dog?” She asked.

“Oh hold on a minute.” Said the doctor with a smile. He left the room for a moment.

Dawn was confused until the door opened and the woman with the red hair poked her head in. “You’re awake!” She said.

“Rita!” Said Dawn, she couldn’t have been happier to see her closest friends face. Rita walked in the door and beside her walked Mali. He instantly became excited and wriggled his way from Rita’s grasp. He jumped up on the hospital bed with Dawn and began frantically sniffing and licking her, as he always did.

“He ran to our house when you fell! He saved your life!” Said Rob, Rita’s husband.

As Mali calmed down and lay beside Dawn she took his furry face in her hands and looked into his brown eyes.

“He’s my best friend, always by my side.” She said, giving him a squeeze. He put a paw around her shoulder.


The End.


From one author to another

I was getting one of my dogs ready for a walk when I was startled by a woman standing at the pathway to my front door holding an armful of books.

Now, we get a lot of door-to-door sales people, church people, you name it, coming to our door trying to sell us things or get us to join things (seriously I had someone from the church of Scientology just last week…). I automatically thought she was selling bibles. I don’t need a bible; my kids attend catholic school, believe me we have bibles.

As the nice person I am, I listened to her. Maybe it was the fact she had paw prints on her tshirt or maybe it was her honest eyes but either way I listened. She told me she was a local author and she was out to spread the word about her inspirational story.

As we stood there chatting about her book my teen daughter chimed in, “My moms an author too!”. Oh my god she didn’t just; I smiled and told her I’m newly self published and working on the final draft of my 2nd edition.

Although I am a fiction writer and she non-fiction, I admire anyone who puts themselves out there in the form of their art and for the love of their passion.

Her name is Michelle Jameus, author of “To Companion Friends, With Love“. It’s an inspirational story about one woman’s six month journey, ocean to ocean (which named her the first female cross Canada marathoner to successful do so) to help make a difference for unwanted companion animals. Through her story she takes readers through her incredible experience, what she endured both physically and mentally all through passion and love for what she believes in. Incredible, I can’t wait to read it in its entirety.

She gifted me a copy of her book, I should have had her sign it. I wasn’t expecting that. In fact, I most likely would have checked it out for my Kindle collection; physical copies are always awesome to have though!

Click the title link above to check out Michelle Jameus’ book, especially if you have passion and a deep love for your furry four legged companions, pets!

End of the World: Infected 2nd edition in the works!

My vision was to release a two part Zombie apocalypse fiction book. Part one was released in spring of this year with part two (slowly) in the works with a hopeful release by the fall.

I fell short of my ideas and have been struggling through the summer to create a second instalment that was strong enough as a standalone. Continuing a story and making it as great as it’s first isn’t easy. I didn’t give up, instead I’ve decided to release End of The World: Infected (2nd edition).

I’m finishing the last of the chapters of the book and going back to plump up some of the first that some critics found bland. Our protagonists can use an attitude adjustment and let’s face it, we need more zombie sequences.

Why the change? Bigger is better. My measly attempt at a short book failed; people want bigger, they want more. I’ll give them bigger and I’ll try to give them more!

For now you can still grab the first part of the story for .99 cents on Amazon. This is a limited price as we wait for completion of the bigger and bolder 2nd edition!

Wish me luck!

Still writing, just a little slower…

It’s summer time which means when it’s not raining, I’m out enjoying the outside world. That’s the unfortunate part of still using a desktop PC as my “office computer” instead of saving up and buying myself a spanking new laptop. Oh the dreams of a writer! 

My birthday is this month, it’s on my wish list.

I’m still writing; just at a slower pace. I’ve been keeping up with things over on my parenting blog and trying to cram out as many ideas on my iPhone  as I can so when I do have a day or evening to MYSELF I will be able to sit down at my actual computer and write a big chunk and possibly finally finish EOTW: Infected Part 2 before Fall. 

Yes, I could write it mobile but the feeling of my fingers tapping a screen compared to tapping physical keys isn’t the same. Plus, I type faster without autocorrect in the way. 

I also think Fall is a better release date; closer to Halloween. I may or may not have some juicy surprises around the release date (TBA). 

Good things come to those who wait. In the meantime, you can buy your copy of End of the World: Infected Part 1 on Amazon. If you’ve read it and are just waiting on part 2, don’t forget to leave a nice word or two with Amazon reviews! 

A Short Story: The Camp Fire

“And the last thing he saw was the claws of the lake demon coming down to darkness!”

The group sat staring at Nick as he finished telling the last scary story for the night. Gathering around the camp fire was a nightly ritual during summers at the camp. Hundreds of campers had come and gone telling hundreds of spooky stories, passing them on to younger generations.

It was that time of night again when the campfire was doused out and the campers along with their guides all headed back to their assigned log cabins for another night. A group of four boys trailed behind the rest of the campers; four friends who’d been going to that camp for three summers in a row, it was the one thing they looked forward to every summer; hanging out with “the boys”.

“Ooooh!” chanted Tyler as he wiggled a piece of tissue in front of Sam’s face.

“Stop it!” laughed Sam, he knew Tyler always liked to goof around.

Joel looked nervous; he had drunk a little too much juice at the campfire. The boys were not far from the lavatories located near the cabins, nobody would care if he took a quick pit stop.

“I need to stop at the bathroom guys. I’ll meet you back at the cabin,” he said.

Lucas poked fun at him. “You sure you don’t need us to wait outside or like hold your hand?” he joked as the four boys burst into friendly laughter.

What a bunch of knuckleheads, Joel thought as he parted ways with his friends and made his way up a small hill toward the washrooms; a small building containing several toilet stalls and shower stalls.

The wind was brisk for a summer’s night; Joel zipped up his jacket. He looked down at his wrist and checked his watch, it had stopped working at 9:00 PM. “Piece of crap!” he said, shaking his wrist around in an attempt to get the watch to work again. He had saved up two months of his paper route job to afford that watch.

Joel walked up the path toward the doors to the washroom. The wind picked up and his cap blew off his head onto the ground. In an effort to catch it he reached, missing it by inches as it continued to blow into some nearby bushes.

“Great,” said Joel. That was his New York Rangers cap that his father had given him for his birthday earlier that month; he was not about to lose it to some wind! He followed the hat which had landed in the middle of the bushes.

As he reached for the cap, a cold clawed hand grabbed his. Joel screamed in horror.


“What’s taking him so long?” asked Sam as he looked out the window in search of Joel. It had been about fifteen minutes since their return; it was almost time for lights out.

The three boys gazed out the window with multiple, horror story-like scenarios played in their minds. Maybe he was just getting them back for teasing him earlier. A hand on Tyler’s shoulder startled the boys out of their trance. Their guide, Nick was standing behind them.

“Where’s Joel?” he said, staring at each boy for a brief moment.

“He stopped to use the bathroom. He was right behind us,” said Sam.

“The Lake demon.” whispered Lucas.

“That’s not even funny. Besides, that’s just and an old camp story we tell to scare you guys.” laughed Nick.

“Well it worked!” said Lucas.

“Alright, I’ll take a flashlight and go see what’s holding him up. You three get settled for bed. I’ll be back in 10 minutes.” said Nick as he grabbed a flashlight and headed out the door of the cabin.


Nick walked toward the lavatories with his flashlight in hand. As he got closer, the wind began to pick up and the air became chillier than usual. The flashlight began to flicker; Nick gave it a swift tap with his hand. The light came back on.

“Damn batteries” he muttered to himself. 

Nick entered the showering area, the lights were turned off and it was dead silent; not a soul in sight. As he turned away to leave he heard footsteps as if someone was running around the area where the toilet stalls and sinks were. He slowly made his way toward the wall on the other side of the showers. He reached his hand around and switched on the lights. The lights slowly flickered on. He slowly peered around the corner, his heart beating a mile a minute; nobody was there. He proceeded to check each stall one by one; all six of them were empty.

Nick turned off the light and left the small building. When he got back outside he saw it; Joel’s hat on the ground beside the bushes. He called out to Joel with no response as he walked closer to the bushes. He could hear muffled, raspy breathing; the bushes close by swayed slightly.  As Nick knelt down he saw something that shook him to the core; the dead body of Joel, being caressed by a horrifying creature; it looked limber with thin long arms and legs. Its face was that of a nightmare; pale skin, slanted demonic eyes and thin lips encasing razor sharp teeth. Its face was covered in what looked like blood. Nick was too terrified to say a word, the creature stopped eating its prey; it noticed him. He began to crab-crawl backward away from the bushes as quickly as he could. He stumbled getting back to his feet as the monster followed close behind, it could smell its fear. He kept on running. He looked behind for a brief moment; the monster seemed to have vanished. He sped up and ran as quickly back to the cabin; he needed to get help!


“There he is, why’s he running?” Sam questioned and pointed out the window at Nick who’s face was sheet white. He was running fast toward the cabin. He had Joel’s cap in his hands. He swung open the door, slamming it behind him as he tried to talk while catching his breath.

“Slow down, where’s Joel?” asked Tyler. The boys were beginning to become concerned, other campers began to climb out of their bunks to see what the commotion was all about.

“Something’s out there, some kind of a monster. It was behind me. It got Joel.” sweat poured down Nicks’ face, he was trembling as he peeked out the blinds on the window of the cabin door.

“Great acting, Nick. Seriously, where’s Joel?” asked Lucas as he reached for the door handle. Nick grabbed Lucas’s hand and stopped him. “Don’t go out there, it’s not safe!” he said.

Lucas was scared, “the lake demon.” he whispered as the cabin lights went out and the group of campers heard a thud at the cabin door…


My first author interview with AwesomeGang! 

I think the hardest part about self publishing a book is self-advertising. Who wants to talk about themsekves? Okay, maybe some people do but I’m not one of them. I don’t like to sound like a braggart. Upon my search for ways to get my book into the hands of new readers I found a few websites to help me out! 

The awesome people of offer new authors (like me) a chance to introduce ourselves to the world by means of an author interview and chance to submit our books to be featured on their website; great way to share the love for new and upcoming authors! 

Today, I share with you my first author interview. Thank you AwesomeGang for sharing and I hope you enjoy my first book! 

Click here for the full interview! 

Happy reading! 

A Short Story: The Basement

File_000 (1).png


The sound of water dripping from an old pipe could subtly be heard as Alena gained consciousness; where was she, how did she get there, and why was her head pounding like a jackhammer? She tried to remember, every thought felt like static in her brain. She was at a party with her friends, she was dancing…she couldn’t remember how she got in that room and why she was there.

She blinked her eyes, everything was blurry. She squinted as she tried to regain focus. One of her eyes was covered, her blindfold had partially fallen off. She could see a lamp hanging from the ceiling on a tattered chain; the bulb flickering every now and then. The ground she sat on was dirty, cold cement and it smelled horrible; there was a door to her right.

Was that the way out? She looked down and realized her feet were bound by rope, her hands behind her back and gag in her mouth. She could feel herself begin to panic inside; she tried to compose herself and figure a way to get out.

Taking a deep breath, she began to move her fingers in unnatural positions, twisting and turning her hands as the rough rope around her wrists burned her skin. She shuffled her feet against each other in an attempt to loosen the knots. Whoever tied her up knew what they were doing. Why was she there? She couldn’t remember anything before waking up in that cold, dark, dungeon.

She could hear footsteps above her; was that her kidnapper? The assailant that did this to her? She continued struggling with the ropes; she was becoming desperate; saliva dripped from her mouth as she tried to breathe through the gag. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest as beads of sweat dripped from her hair. The more she struggled, the hotter she felt; there was no window, no fresh air. 

Alena shook her head back, the blindfold falling off behind her. She opened her eyes and saw a dim light from a crack in the bottom of the door. The footsteps sounded as if someone was coming down a set of stairs. The closer they got to that door, the louder the footsteps sounded. What if the assailant noticed she was trying to escape? She didn’t even know why she was there in the first place.

She began to breathe heavily as the knob turned and the door creaked open. A large figure stood in the light of the door; the shadow made it difficult for Alena to make out any facial details.

“Oh! You’ve been a naughty girl…” whispered a raspy, deep male voice.

Alena was terrified, she did not recognize that voice. The man approached her, reached behind her and placed the dirty cloth blindfold back over her eyes. Alena tried to fight him off but she had no strength. The man placed a cloth over her nose and mouth, Alena went unconscious again.


“She’s in here; let’s move out!”

Alena began to once again regain consciousness; she could hear yelling as the door in front of her broke open with someone’s swift kick. Still blindfolded and gagged, she tried to yell but her voice was so coarse, volume muffled. She began to cry as she felt gentle hands touch her face. The blindfold was removed, the gag was taken down. A man in police uniform knelt down in front of her.

“We’ve been looking for you Alena, we’re taking you home!” He said as he stood her up. Another officer began untying her hands and feet. Alena felt relieved as she walked up the basement stairs of an unground hideaway, covering her brow with her hand to block the bright sunlight.

As she was escorted to the police car she glanced up; a man was sitting the back of another cruiser, hands bound behind his back. If her friends hadn’t called that night; Alena would not have been alive. Weak and weary, she sat in the back of the car staring at the face of her kidnapper as he stared down at his feet in shame.

She didn’t have to be afraid anymore. She was finally going home.


Short Fiction: 32 Clarence Street


5:15 A.M, a police car pulled up to the leaf-covered driveway, it was a foggy day. The perfect kind of day for a call like that. Officer Smith had heard stories about this location before; everyone had their own version of what happened in that house when the sun went down. Town gossip had it that the big home had been newly renovated to attract potential buyers but the real estate agent was lying. Whoever bought that house, also bought the powerful force that was said to have resided there.

People claimed strange noises could be heard from the house by passers-by, terrifying the bravest dogs in town as they walked with their masters at night. Teenagers wouldn’t dare prank that house at Halloween; they claimed shadows could be seen in the windows. That house had been unoccupied since the murders had happened.

There is no longer a “for sale” sign pegged on the overgrown front lawn. Officer Smith wondered how long it would be before the Dawns moved out. The last owners didn’t survive more than a month as rumors spread about unexplainable things happening and they put 32 Clarence Street up for sale.

He stepped out of his car and closed the door. The cool wind blew giving him a chill. He closed up his jacket and pulled the zipper up as he slowly walked toward the front of the house. The wood creaked as he stepped his weight down on the wooden stairs. He reached for the doorbell and pressed his finger on the lit up white button. He could hear the sound of the doorbell chime echoing within the house, it sounded so empty but people had just moved in days before.

He could hear footsteps coming toward the door from the inside. He could feel the sweat begin to bead across his brow; he was an officer of the law, why was he so damn nervous? The door slowly creaked as it opened and Mrs. Dawn’s bright eyes met his. She smiled sweetly. She looked very well put-together for this time of the morning. Officer Smith cleared his throat and adjusted his jacket.

“Excuse me, Mrs. Dawn, I don’t mean to bother you so early in the morning but we had a call about some noises coming from your house. I’m just here to make sure everything is okay with you and your daughter.” he recited exactly what he was trained to say on these disturbance calls. After all, it was probably nothing.

“Well, that’s unusual. Emilia and I have been asleep. I’m sure if there was a serious disturbance in my own house, I would be the first to be calling you!” she smirked as she taunted Officer Smith.

“You didn’t hear anyone screaming? Anyone in distress perhaps?” asked Officer Smith as he doodled on his notepad pretending to look like he was doing something really important.

“Screaming? Oh, yes. That. Emilia has been experiencing nightmares since her father left. The poor thing can’t handle the stress of having to move. We must have had the windows open. I’m so sorry anyone had to hear that.” said Mrs. Dawn, placing her hand on her chest as if she was about to lose her breath. Officer Smith felt somewhat like a jerk for questioning Mrs. Dawn like that but he needed to confirm all of this to speak to Emilia. It was all part of his protocol.

“I thought you just said you were both asleep?” Officer Smith questioned further. Something felt off but he just couldn’t bring himself to believe she wasn’t telling the entire truth. “I woke up an hour ago. I don’t sleep well these days,” she said. Officer Smith needed more information. He wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

“Is she awake? Would I be able to speak to Emilia?” he asked trying to look around Mrs. Dawn in an attempt to get a glimpse of what could have been going on inside that house. Mrs. Dawn leaned on the door frame, closing the door a few inches with her foot. She was trying not to make things too obvious, it was bad enough a nosy neighbor called him. She couldn’t let anyone know what was going on, everyone would think she was crazy.

“I’m sorry Officer, it would be better if you came back at another time.” Mrs. Dawn came outside for a moment and stood in front of him. “After spending half of the night awakened by night terrors I’d rather let her rest,” she said with a nod.

“Of course, I understand. I can come by later on today if that’s alright,” he said and turned to leave. Mrs. Dawn grabbed him gently by the arm, “I can trust you, right?” she asked. He looked at her for a moment; as an officer, he wasn’t supposed to get involved beyond a simple questioning but as a friend, he wanted to find out more and maybe help. “Yes, you can trust me,” he said.

“My daughter hasn’t been well since her father left, she’s taking it harder than I had thought and I’m trying my best to help her. Mood swings, lashing out, nightmares, you name it; she has teenaged angst through the roof,” she said with a bit of a laugh.

Officer Smith knew all too well what she was talking about; his mother passed away when his sister and he were just young children. He was the one who rebelled; applying to attend the police academy changed his life. He understood why Mrs. Dawn would move her and her daughter to a small town like that; a fresh start at a new life. Unfortunately, living at 32 Clarence Street may have been making things worse.

“Alright, well if you need anything don’t hesitate to call. You know my number!” he joked as he walked down the stairs and back to his police car. Mrs. Dawn watched him get into his car and drive out of her laneway. She backed into her house, closing and locking the door behind her. She leaned on the door and took a deep breath; eyes closed. He had no idea what she had been through the night before, what Emilia had been through.

They had only been living in the house a few days before Emilia started to behave strangely. She lost her appetite, she looked pale and she began to have nightmares about a strange shadow man. He comes and takes her every night and there is nothing she can do to stop him; nothing her mother can do to stop him.

Mrs. Dawn collected herself and slowly walked toward the kitchen. She reached up and grabbed the landline phone from the wall and began to dial. The tone rang on the other end as she curled the cord around her fingers in suspense. “Father Pierre, we need to work quicker. He came again tonight.” Mrs. Dawn listened with concern.

“Father Pierre, we need to work quicker. He came again tonight.” Mrs. Dawn listened with concern. Her eyes filled with tears, “I understand, Father. I’ll talk to you later today at the church.” With a shaky hand, she hung up the phone. Father Pierre was the only one with answers. If he couldn’t help Emilia, they too would have to move out away from 32 Clarence Street.

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Inspirational quotes.

Tonight I caught myself on google looking at inspirational quotes for writers and authors. I had spent a couple of hours pounding out some more ideas for the last two chapters of my first book and decided to take a break for the night. 

Do you ever find yourself questioning if you’ll ever be good enough? I do, honestly more than I probably should. I have so many great ideas but often lack the confidence. 

Believe it or not those little quotes kind of helped. I know it sounds corny but it’s true.  I read the following quote and I decided to just write a little more. After I thought I was settling down for the night I found myself opening up my notepad app and pounding out a couple of chapters for another fiction book I’m working on! Details on the new project will be available here soon! 

Good things take time, there will be good things to come! 

In the meantime, enjoy this inspirational quote and just write!