Raised in a small country town as a child, my imagination has always been a strong tool of mine. I loved reading (and still do), but I really loved writing; as far as I can remember, when I learned how to write a sentence, I wrote things.

I wrote poetry, short stories, and songs. I never published any of it – I was young and technology wasn’t as it is now; there was no online self-publishing. My work was written by hand, on loose-leaf paper and eventually tossed away with other old things as I got older. I never gave writing a second thought once I had kids. Sure, I’ve been successful in review blogging and social media promotions (parenthood is my niche); online media has been my career for the past eight years.

Creative writing has always been an interest of mine; I decided to create a new hobby of it – ebook style. My mind can sometimes bring me into worlds I never knew and I am happy to be able to share those worlds with all of you.

What made me decide to start writing short story books now, you ask? I got over a fear.

All my life I was told I couldn’t do this and I wasn’t good at that. I let myself believe it was true, I let the negativity become my reality. I couldn’t do it or I wasn’t good enough because somebody else said it. Just because someone has an opinion, doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you.

I have proved people wrong time and time again. I had the support system of close family and friends I have met over the years as a blogger. I just did not see it. I did not see what others saw and it took a long time for me to find myself and find that true calling that was naturally already there all along. I decided to go for it, share my creativity with people who might actually appreciate it instead of rip it down.

I know, there will be critics but that’s fine. I can take it, I am a strong woman. Besides, having someone critique your work can truly open your eyes and make you see your work through someone else’s point of view.

Writing my stories is not a “get rich quick” scheme by any means, as long as somebody enjoys them that’s all that matters to me. My books are geared toward fantasy, supernatural and horror story fans. They are geared toward teenagers to adults, anyone who loves reading.

They say “every good idea has already been taken” but that is not true. I am not them and them me, my ideas are mine alone. My inspiration comes of supernatural, fantasy and horror movies, shows and books.

My first publishing comes in the form of a new zombie apocalyptic horror book called End of the World: Infected. You will find it soon available through AerkOnline!

Thank you to my early supporters, I hope you enjoy my stories!

A.E.R. Kingsbury