Still writing, just a little slower…

It’s summer time which means when it’s not raining, I’m out enjoying the outside world. That’s the unfortunate part of still using a desktop PC as my “office computer” instead of saving up and buying myself a spanking new laptop. Oh the dreams of a writer! 

My birthday is this month, it’s on my wish list.

I’m still writing; just at a slower pace. I’ve been keeping up with things over on my parenting blog and trying to cram out as many ideas on my iPhone  as I can so when I do have a day or evening to MYSELF I will be able to sit down at my actual computer and write a big chunk and possibly finally finish EOTW: Infected Part 2 before Fall. 

Yes, I could write it mobile but the feeling of my fingers tapping a screen compared to tapping physical keys isn’t the same. Plus, I type faster without autocorrect in the way. 

I also think Fall is a better release date; closer to Halloween. I may or may not have some juicy surprises around the release date (TBA). 

Good things come to those who wait. In the meantime, you can buy your copy of End of the World: Infected Part 1 on Amazon. If you’ve read it and are just waiting on part 2, don’t forget to leave a nice word or two with Amazon reviews! 


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