Mediocre review #amwriting

My first Amazon review appeared the other day. I should just not check my Amazon author or kdp accounts other than once a month. It’s been a little slow lately. Which is fine, it’s my first self published book, I don’t expect instant positive results. All good things take time and effort; building an audience is one of them. 

Reading that review was one of those situations where I began with a smile (oh yay, finally some feedback!) and ended with a frown (not exactly what I had hoped for). The reviewer pretty much poo-poo’d my book and gave me two stars (I’m assuming out of pity). A review is still a review, stars are still stars. I suppose it’s better than the crickets I was hearing every time I’d check my Amazon account. 

Will I stop writing because my first review happened to be negative? Nope. I thank that person for their feedback. Sorry the first book wasn’t their cup of tea; I’ll try to write less “stilted” in part 2. 

You can’t please everyone all of the time; End of the World part 2 is still a work in progress and I can’t wait to publish it! 
Get your copy of End of the World: Infected Part 1 available only on Kindle! 


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