New titles coming soon!

If you enjoyed End of the World: Infected Part 1, I have a treat for you while you wait for EOTW: Infected Part 2!

I’m challenging myself to write 10 short stories; I might compile them into an eBook on amazon (free!); for now they will be published here on the blog. Stay tuned for upcoming posts in the Short Stories section! 

Not only will I be sharing short stories here on the blog for free, I also have two new book titles in the works, I can’t wait to publish them for you! Check out the blurbs below!


Born to parents she never met, raised by adoptive parents who protected her from a secret that would change her life, and haunted by dreams of a world she never knew existed, Lucy will learn of her past and her destiny while finally embracing who she was really born to be. The Divine awaits you, Luciana.  (Fiction/Sci- Fi/Fantasy) 

Amazon Release Date: TBA (fall 2017)

The Subject

Bloodied and confused, he didn’t remember what had happened that night. Stargazing turned nightmare as one man becomes the Subject of a hunt for answers. (Fiction/Sci- Fi/Fantasy) 

Amazon Release Date: TBA (fall 2017)


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