EOTW update and other projects in the works!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve updated here but let me tell you -my first  EOTW book is coming along  great. I’m not writing nearly as much as I would like however when I do sit down at my computer, I put my all into it. I focus and I write. 

A few family things came up and I had to shut down the computer for a couple of days. I got back to it a couple of days ago with fresh ideas to add onto whatever I have already written. 

While writing a few chapters I dabbled whether to add more dialogue or not. The story makes sense with an equal amount of dialogue to descriptive detail. So I went back, adding more into each chapter including dialogue. 

Since my story turned in a different direction, so did my original ending. Now my task is to dream up a new original and amazing ending to my first post-apocalyptic-zombie adventure.

Between writing EOTW and blogging, I’ve started jotting down some story ideas for my second instalment of the EOTW series. The cure will focus on a “what happens next” theme. A continuation of the first story with added characters, plots and twists, oh and more zombies. 

I will be having a free copy giveaway closer to release date (TBA), I’ll create a sign up form for those who would like a limited time no obligation (meaning you don’t have to review it *although that would be awesome*) free copy! 

I have two other great stories in the works, I won’t get into detail and spoil any surprises but I’m hoping to publish them by the end of 2017! 

Until next time! 


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