Update: Inspiration at the oddest times and other news! 

 It happens often when I am doing something simple like vacuuming the living room or taking a shower when an idea hits me. 

A blog post idea, a story idea, always when I am doing regular stuff and not even looking for the inspiration. Yet, when I sit down and try to get this inspiration out it sometimes fizzles before my fingers hit the keyboard and it’s gone. What I had in my mind was really good but not meant to be shared apparently. 

My iPhone and iPad have been helpful lately with life being busier than I thought with unexpected twists and turns. I am able to write my inspirational thoughts down and continue them on a larger scale (or larger device screen) when I can cut out some real writing time. 

I plan to set up a pre-sale of End of the World: The Infected but I am not confident on an exact deadline. My original deadline was October and although I would love to hit publish sooner, I don’t want to rush it and it end up not living up to my standards or yours. 

9 chapters in, over 12,000 drafted words, developing stories and characters beginning to blossom as I write, I think sci-fi/paranormal fiction fans will be pleasantly surprised!

I also have two other story ideas in the making. 

The Haunting of Emily Dawn – a paranormal thriller and Luciana- a sci-fi paranormal drama. Those are working titles I hope to have out by the end of 2017! 

In other news I have been accepted as an author under Libraries of Canada. I can access official ISBN’s for my books when they are ready to publish. That’s pretty cool, my books, even if they aren’t King material, will be archived here in Canada. 

I have also decided who I will be self publishing with. It took a lot of research and a lot of reading. After narrowing it down and weighing my pros and cons I have decided on Draft2Digital. 

They format, convert and publish your book to major eBook retailers. There’s a bit of a catch, they get 10% plus taxes of your sales. For me it’ll be a bit high but I may have a giveaway for a free copy or two. I will also be having a reader poll for favourite cover choice!

Stay tuned for more about that in later months! 

In the meantime follow me @aerkonline on twitter and find me on Facebook for the latest updates! 


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