Overcoming bumpy obstacles 

This week has not been what I had hoped. Last week we got a notice about the gas company coming this week to repair gas lines. Okay, great. They were supposed to come Monday. They never came. I wasted a day getting nothing done waiting for them. 
The next day, Tuesday, my kids had a snow day. Have you ever tried to concentrate with kids screaming at each other in the background? It doesn’t work in my house. 

Wednesday the gas company was back and said they would be inside my house sometime that day. I waited until 3pm and decided to turn on my computer and work on my book format. 

I swear as soon as my behind hit the chair there was a knock at the door. The gas company guys. Ten minutes later I had the kids come home from school. Between the kids and the gas company guys hammering, I put aside my work.

Once I finally got to sit down it happened. I was formatting my book into a new document and the processor I was using crashed. My story ended up in cyber space. Disciniggrated right before my eyes. I would have cried but luckily I’m smart and had backup.

The only crappy part was it brought me back a couple of editions and I lost a new part of the story I had changed. 

Everything is back to normal as far as the book goes. Oh, tomorrow is Thursday and the electric company is cutting the electricity for tree cutting maintenance! 

This has been the most unproductive week of 2017 yet! 😡


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