End of the World – The Book Series

I am excited to finally announce the making of my first book series “End of the World”.

The first instalment, “End of the World – Part 1: The Infection” is planned to be released sometime in 2017, hoping to have it complete for your enjoyment by summertime, fall at the very latest (disregard the date on the image, Part 1 may be ready sooner).


This short story book series will be my own unique take on the ever-told story of a phenomenal apocalyptic event that changes mankind and the world as we know it.

“An unexplainable, phenomenal virus takes over parts of the earth causing an illness mankind has never seen before.” Not your typical “zombie” story, this goes a little deeper than undead craving brains.

End of the World takes the reader into the aftermath of catastrophic events and follows a group of unique characters as they thrive to survive in a new and much-changed world. Not only do they face a threat from the infected but also fellow survivors with twists and turns along the way to (hopefully) finding a cure. Readers can expect drama, suspense and characters they will grow with by the series end.

I hope anybody who reads End of the World enjoys reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

Stay tuned to this website for updates!



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